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Sexy Uniforms

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18 and over only Any suspicious pictures will be removed.

Come here to indulge your fascination for uniformed women.

ANY READERS WITH NINJA GRIP ON PHOTOSHOP PLEASE MESSAGE ME I would greatly appreciate some assistance.

If you're new here, welcome. I do put MOAR! in the comments of about 90% of my posts. So always check the comments.

We here appreciate a open definition of the term "Uniform". The outfit or the setting/theme should point to some sort of uniform. All questionable posts will be up to my decision.

I don't believe in censorship, just don't be a total douche. If you don't like someones post downvote it and move on. Or politely leave a comment as to what about it you don't like. No one likes some stranger coming along and insulting his/her personal tastes, so just don't fucking do it.








Or just a group of beautiful women dressed alike would work too

Let your imagination lead you...

Nudity is fine as long as there is some proof that the women in the picture was in a uniform at some point during the photo shoot.

If you post something and you think it has been spam filtered please don't be afraid to message me. Because of the limited contributions of the faithful readers i don't check the filter to often, but i would be more then happy to fix any filtered posts.

And as always, stay fucking classy friends.

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