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dogge subreddit

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This subreddit is devoted to dogge meme. please do not post doge.

Dogge emerged at Shiba Confessions, realm of shibe.

shibeGen allows you to build your own dogge.

InstaShibe is a mobile dogge builder.

For instructions on creating the funny text, look here.

/r/sneks is sibling section to /r/shibe.

Instruction on dogge
  • Dogge enjoys "wow" and other superlative.

  • Microsoft Comic Sans is the a good typeface for use with dogge.

  • Link to image or GIF only. Direct link encouraged.

  • Variations in size and color of text please dogge.

  • Place text tastefully around image.

  • Image must feature dogge. Dogge is any dog, shibe, dogge, fox, wolf, etc. It must have a photo of a dogge. Don't draw dogge or doge. Don't post image of "doge-looking text". That goes elsewhere.

  • please don't post doge. this is not doge's house.

  • don't say doge in title, and

  • don't say doge in image.

  • Note: Kabosu (dogge) is a good dogge and is A-OK. don't post that one picture of him

  • Dogecoin is not real money. Or, if you're a Bitcoin enthusiast, dogecoin is a better platform for future cryptocurrency growth than Bitcoin.

  • Posting "doge" will result in a warning. Posting "doge" again will result in us getting mad. Don't post doge.

  • Being very rude or mean will get you banned. Asking nicely might result in forgiveness.

  • Enjoy. and don't post doge  

dogge is friend to all. doge must stay home because doge is sick. also, visit /r/shittyfilmquotes and submit your favorite lines from your favorite movies!

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