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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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># >* SEASON 6 - SUMMER 2019


|Episode|Date|Discussions| ---|---|- Orientation |Dec 1st|LivePost A Life Spent|Dec 8th|LivePost A Life Earned|Dec 15th|LivePost Rewind|Dec 22nd|LivePost Fun & Games|Jan 5th|LivePost Together or Not at All|Jan 12th|LivePost The Last Day|Jan 19th|LivePost Best Laid Plans|Jan 26th|LivePost Past Life|Feb 2nd|LivePost All the Comforts of Home|Mar 2nd|LivePost The Real Deal|Mar 9th|LivePost Principia|Mar 16th|LivePost The Devil Complex|Mar 23rd|LivePost Rise and Shine|Mar 31st|LivePost Inside Voices|Apr 6th|LivePost The Honeymoon|Apr 13th|LivePost All Roads Lead...|Apr 20th|LivePost Option Two|Apr 27th|LivePost The One Who Will Save Us All|May 4th|LivePost The Force of Gravity|May 11th|LivePost The End|May 18th|LivePost

># >* SPOILERS 1. Do NOT put spoilers in your TITLE for any Season 5 episodes, or for Marvel movies or shows released after Thor: Ragnarock.

  1. Do not include spoilers in your title.

  1. Begin with a [SPOILER] tag, and specify the episode number. Be marked Spoiler.

  1. Comments that include spoilers must also be tagged, using the following formatting: [This is a spoiler sentence.](/spoiler) becomes This is a spoiler sentence.

  1. Episode Promos and Featurettes should be marked as spoilers/nsfw.

># >* RULES 1. Do NOT post links to unofficial streams, download links, or torrents of the TV show.

  1. All posts solely containing theories must be tagged [THEORY].

  1. Do NOT include spoilers in your title.

  1. Image macros, screenshots of other TV shows/movies, and reaction images/gifs are not allowed. Irrelevant posts like places you found the word 'hydra' or an octopus logo will also be removed.

  1. Be respectful of other users. Do not make any personal attacks.

  1. Any discussion or mention of piracy, even off-hand, will be removed. Even just saying "Just stream it" will merit a warning/ban.

># > EPISODE DISCUSSIONS Live Episode Discussions * Post Episode Discussions

># > RESOURCES Official Facebook Official Twitter MCU Viewing Order * Marvel Movie Rights

># > HOW TO WATCH Piracy is strictly banned here, but there are other ways to watch it online legally, including free ones! ______ CTV TV - Available Day After - Available Week After or day of if subscriber Hulu - Available Week After or day of if subscriber Netflix Season's 1 and 2 Amazon iTunes * Google Play

># > SIMILAR SUBREDDITS Marvel TV: /r/MarvelStudios /r/Defenders /r/AgentCarter /r/InhumansABC /r/RunawaysTV * Other: /r/ABC /r/Avengers /r/ComicBooks /r/ComicBookMovies /r/Marvel /r/Television /r/Whedon /r/ShieldSynopsis

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