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Have you ever seen a post that made you say "Who the fuck upvoted this?"

That's what this sub is for.


  1. Please only link to highly upvoted posts. Terrible, low effort posts that go nowhere aren't our concern.

  2. Do not link to user pages

  3. Please link to the post, not to the image/article itself

  4. Please do not participate in the linked threads

  5. Unremarkable images that are only upvoted because of an accompanying story should be posted to /r/no_sob_story

  6. Defaults subreddits are preferred

  7. Shitposts made in /r/shitpost should be posted about in /r/shitshitpost

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  • /r/SummerReddit (only during summer!)
  • /r/JustUnsubbed
  • /r/UpvotedBecauseGirl
  • /r/KarmaCourt

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