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Shitty AMA: because not all of us are special.

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We know how it is, you want to share your experience as Sir Isaac Newton, but the dumb fucks at r/IAmA demand so-called proof.

We aren't bothered by such details, so if you have an "interesting" story to share, welcome to ShittyAMA.

Please be aware that some posts occasionally get caught in our Spam Filter. If this happens with any of your posts, message the moderators and we'll do our best to get it out as soon as possible.

NB: Posting in this subreddit does require some dedication, please answer at least a couple of questions.

There is a button in the sidebar that says "edit" next to your username where you can assign your own damn flair. Users who message the mods asking for flair anyways will be punished severely.

~~Danskerne er ikke tilladt at skrive i shittyama. Vær venlig at rapportere alle dansker observationer.~~

Danskerne er vores venner. Vær venlig ikke at skade os. Vi vil gøre alt i vores magt for at opsøge den forræderiske svenske sympatisør i vores midte.

If you report a post or a comment, message the moderators to explain! This helps us a lot in making an informed decision.

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