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Shitty Battlestations

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Shitty Battlestations

Dust off that ancient Dell & CRT combo (or not, dust is fine) and snap some pics.

Did /r/battlestations tell you to post here?

Before you do that, check out /r/averagebattlestations and /r/battletops!

  • Submission Rules (hover for more)

  • 1) All posts must include a form of personal computer - be it a desktop or a laptop.

  • 2) Do not post pictures of incomplete but otherwise decent setups (e.g. waiting for your second monitor or case to show up).

  • 3) Do not post pictures of your "temporary setup". No exceptions.

  • 4) A shitty battlestation and a retro battlestation are not the same thing. Post your retro battlestations to /r/retrobattlestations.

  • 5) Above average or greater hardware is not shitty, regardless of its surroundings. In other words, having a shitty desk or garbage around/under/over your nice hardware or laptop does not make it shitty.

  • 6) No pictures of tablets or smartphones.

  • 7) Don't be a jerk.

  • 8) Moderators reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others.

  • Use some common sense in your post. These posts are intended to be satirical. That means something a bit over the top or ridiculous that would constitute the antithesis of what someone would consider cool at /r/battlestations. Don't post your above average station here that someone from /r/battlestations told you wasn't good enough just because it doesn't glow like a Honda from Fast and the Furious. /r/battlestations rejects a lot of people for the smallest of things.

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