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never before seen CUT bloodsouls content

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Welcome to ~~Lodan~~ ~~Drangick~~ ~~Yarrnum~~ ~~Lortik~~ Lodan REMASTERED you filthy casul. Watch your step! There's blood(born), piss, and shit everywhere. This community is dedicated to the immortalization (and defecation) of the shittiness of Lodan REMASTERED. As a community of brazen sunlite ~~maggots~~ ~~grubs~~ mods, we post what we want regardless of quality; however, there are some rules.


  1. No ripostes.

  2. Don't be a dickwraith.

  3. Try not to post the same meme over and over again, even if it's in a different style/form. Be creative!

  4. Praise The Sun Indiscriminately. I can't stress this enough.

  5. Under no circumstances can you link a post from another subreddit to here.

  6. Bloodborne is literally Dark Souls III, no exceptions.

  7. Hand it over. That thing, your Dark Soul™.

  8. All posts need to contain content directly related to Dark Souls/Demon's Souls/Bloodborne.

  9. Fuck you

Putting a shitty title over a video of a walkthrough or how-to guide does NOT mean it is shitty, and will get removed. If you don't know what type of videos we accept here, have a look at what videos have already been uploaded. Or, message the mods about the video and we can tell you whether it's shitty enough.

(semi-)Official SDS discord server:

Official (Dead) Steam Group:

Showing someone's PSN, XBL or GFWL name doesn't matter here, and it won't end up with us removing your post/comment, as this could interfere a little bit with the weekly hatemail thread.

The spam filter:

If your post doesn't come up on the page listings, please do not message the mods. It will most likely be the spam filter acting up, and your post was probably trash anyways.

Have a good time here, and 420 Praise It Sunlight Maggots

~~Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?~~

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