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Shitty Kickstarters

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1. Other websites, like indiegogo, also allowed.

2. No Image Macros/ Advice Animals/ Memes

3. Account must be >30 days old to post submissions, this hopefully stops some spam since we can't really use the spamfilter.

4. No low-effort crowdfunding campaigns, meaning those that a person just made without thinking about it a lot

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/r/futurefon Subreddit about the Futurefon crowdfunding campaign specifically.

If your post is not showing up, or it's not being up/down-voted it's probably because it seems I have to approve almost every single post that link to the kickstarter website... I check the spam filter pretty much daily but it's faster if you just message me.

If you have any tips for this subreddit, please PM me.

I now lowered the spamfilter so if you see any not-so-shitty submissions and are suspicious of them being submitted for advertising, please report them.

If you want to message me, please click message the mods instead of doing it through a PM to me... I will probably respond faster

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