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Shitty Kickstarters

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1. Other websites, like indiegogo, also allowed.

2. No Image Macros / Advice Animals / Memes

3. Account must be >30 days old to post submissions.

4. No low-effort or intentionally bad crowdfunding campaigns, meaning things that are designed to be suspended or ignored

5. No self-promotion. Do not link to your own campaign.

6. Campaigns must be marked with a "[Campaign Name]" bracket at the beginning of the post to ease searches. For example: "[Triton] Artificial Gills for scuba diving that can't work as designed".

7. Campaign reposts are not allowed, however we understand that updates to an existing campaign may use the same link as the original campaign. Whether or not you're using the original campaign link, mark the campaign with "[Update]" in your post title in order to show an update occurred in the campaign's timeline. For example: "[Bioring] [Update] posts shipping delays" or "[Bioring] [Update 01/01/1900] posts shipping delays".

8. Non-Campaign links or discussion should be marked with [Meta], [News] or other appropriate identifier.

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/r/futurefon Subreddit about the Futurefon crowdfunding campaign specifically.

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The spamfilter is set to low, so if you see any not-so-shitty submissions and are suspicious of them being submitted for advertising, please report them.

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