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Shitty Programming

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Have a tough programming question that /r/programming couldn't answer? Banned from Stack Overflow? Can't afford Experts Exchange?

Post your question/tips/secrets/advice and get a response from our highly-trained professional developers.

  • /r/softwaregore/ for all your bugs and errors!
  • /r/badcode/ for your ~~bad~~ interesting code!
  • read tutorials and learn things
  • /r/programminghorror/ to learn the best practices
  • /r/itsaunixsystem/ - ub3r 1337 h4x in the media
  • /r/ShittyTechSupport/ offer immediate expert support!
  • /r/ProgrammerHumor/ for the serious discussion of humour on programming
  • /r/shittysteamgames/ to support your peers' projects
  • /r/ShittyBuyItForLife for quality purchases

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