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Shitty Social Science

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Would you like to know why poor people are biologically inferior to rich people? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to confine a bunch of people to a system of underground caverns to test their cooperation skills? Interested in the viability of electroshock therapy in improving intelligence tests? Ask away! Multiple, conflicting answers encouraged, falsifiability discouraged.

Message the mod if your post gets caught in the spam filter or if you would like flair. Messages should contain your cranial dimensions and verification of teutonic or alpine heritage. Flair recipients should have at least a bachelor's level education in a made-up, historically superseded, or otherwise discredited field or school of thought.

Original research is encouraged. An answer unquestioned is a fact; a question without an answer is philosophy.

~~Rules~~ Norms

  1. Answers should not consist of "facts", whatever you think those are. Bourgeois pig.

  2. If you see submissions in /shittyaskscience that deal with social issues, please repost them here. ~~Replication~~ Plaigirism is essential to science.

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