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Short Hair Chicks

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About this SubReddit

This subreddit is for lovers of naughty pictures and videos of women with short hair.

The model in the background is Jessibears. Picture is used with her permission.

If you are hoping to post a SFW (non-nude) short-haired lady, please do so at /r/shorthairedhotties.

Quick Filters Selfposts Videos

"(Probably) Found" means that the image was found on the web. By default this tag is assigned in order to filter selfposts and videos.

Submission Guidelines

  • "Short hair" means hair that can't touch the shoulders.
  • Please flair up after submitting a link.
  • Pictures and movies of human females only please (no men, no poultry or real birds ;))
  • Do not post personal information.
  • Oh, and it must be NSFW.
  • Direct links to images only. If using Imgur, simply right-click the image, select "Open in a new tab" or "View Image", and submit that URL. When using Gfycat, submit the 'Gfycat URL' from the source section.
  • Excessive x-posting and top-mining are forbidden. A couple of x-posts are allowed. Please don't repost something posted elsewhere many times, it's already on everyone's frontpage.
  • Don't repost anything from the top 100.

Proper Practices

  1. Keep your comments polite, especially to those who post original material (models, etc). There is zero tolerance for trolls or assholes. If you are either and act as such, expect to be banned.
  2. Don't downvote because you disagree with someone, downvote if their post is irrelevant to the thread.
  3. Help the mods by reporting malicious comments or illegal/unsuitable submissions
  4. Also report spam to /r/Spam
  5. If you spot short haired females posting original material starring themselves elsewhere: feel free to invite them over! :)

Thanks for your participation in this subreddit!

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