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Shorthaired hotties

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Hey, you! Check out /r/SexyHair (sfw)

>####Welcome to SHH!

We're glad you found us.

This is a place to admire the rare beauty of shorthaired women.

Feel free to post pictures, videos, articles and start discussions.

Please subscribe if you like it here!


I. We are strictly SFW. We want to see your hair!

II. Please use correct labels: [Self], [Found], [Friend], [GF], [Wife] or [ITAP] (I took a picture). Anyone using the self label and is found to be lying will be banned

III. Make sure that the focus of the pictures involves enough of the subjects hairdo. Please show your face!

IV. Give credit where credit is due. No pandering titles - no blatant fishing for compliments. Posts will be removed at mod discretion.

V. Do not create threads in order to call out specific users.

VI. Be classy! Rude and inappropriate comments will be deleted and infractions can get you banned. Keep comments SFW.

VII. No personal information!

VIII. Direct links only. Blog posts will be removed.

IX. Please only post photos of girls 18+. We have this restriction to keep the girls safe.

>####Message Us

Do you have questions or suggestions? Want to report a violation? Click right here.. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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