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Super Short Scary Stories

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Because sometimes the scariest stories, are those that leave us to our imagination.

  • reddiquette
  • /r/ShortScaryStoriesOOC for all SSS related discussion.

>### Guidelines

  • All stories must be kept short, with a maximum limit of 500 words and a minimum of three sentences. Use this link to check your post length before submitting.

  • Every story should be submitted in text form in the Reddit submission box.

  • Stand alone stories only. No stories in multiple chapters. This means you cannot link to another story for reference, have multiple stories take place in the same setting, or following the same character.

  • "Scary Stories" encompasses horror and thriller-type stories only.

  • Please keep in mind that things like pedophilia, rape, and gornography do not belong here. While it might be scary to you, things like that are not what this subreddit is about. Also, stories about losing a loved one, addiction, depression, and suicide belong in /r/ShortSadStories.

  • Please tag stories with adult content as NSFW.

  • Users must wait 24 hours between posting stories.

  • Only submit one story per post.

  • Please assume everything you are about to read here contains a Trigger Warning, submitters should not use them as we find it could spoil the endings of some stories.

  • Poor-quality stories will be removed. This includes stories with no punctuation or major grammatical errors. Please use your best judgement. We reserve the right to make these decisions as Moderators.

  • Politeness in your replies/comments is a must. Telling users to "fuck off" for disliking your submission is a no-no. Constructive comments are fine; use your best judgment.

  • Abuse of Moderators is not acceptable in any way.

  • Original works only. Do not steal other users' stories. Repeat offenses will result in a ban.

  • Linking to Facebook and outside websites such as blogs, or anything that identifies you or anyone else is not allowed.

  • We have a Zero Tolerance policy regarding bigotry and hate speech. Your intolerance and hatred is not welcome here and is likely to result in your being banned.

>### Other Things

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