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A place to discuss anything related to shrooms

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A place to discuss the growing, hunting, and experience of shrooms. Post about your first time or give advice to those who will experience their first time soon. Talk about your favourite teks, kits, or strains. Post a picture of what you found in your area! Ask for help from other experienced growers on certain problems your having. Learn about psilocybin and it's derivative psilocin. Get help with identifying a certain species of fungus. Learn different ways of taking shrooms; In a tea perhaps? Toppings on a pizza? Maybe using the lemon tek?


Asking for an ID? Read this link thoroughly and follow the dichotomous key and guidelines. We offer no services, it is your own responsibility to confirm any of the guesses you see regarding identification . Consuming toxic mushrooms may result in your death. . Try /r/mycology for non-psychedelic mushroom identification. /r/ShroomID for psychedelic or non-psychedelic mushroom identification. Doing some basic research before hunting for magic mushrooms will vastly increase your ability to find magic mushrooms. We cannot weigh shrooms via reddit, don't bother asking.

Please keep content directly related to psilocybin mushrooms. Irrelevant content will be removed.

Please keep discussion civil, no trolling. Bigotry and racism may be removed.

It's forbidden to discuss the buying, selling, or sourcing of shrooms/truffles including asking for specific hunting locations or hunting partners. Sourcing of any illicit substances will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

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Please feel free to message the mods, we don't bite.

Happy shrooming!

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