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DealsReddit - for all the best deals across the internet

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  • Rules:
  • Direct links to online deals.
  • Use self posts for listing multiple deals.
  • Approved charity affiliate links.
  • Links to info about offline sales.
  • Using your own or unapproved affiliate links will get you banned, zero exceptions.
  • Sellers, if you do not clarify your self a seller you will be banned, zero exceptions.
  • Sellers, if you are solely using reddit to promote your product, you will be banned, read up on what constitutes as spam. Try using some of reddit's self promotion tools

  • Never pay full price again
  • DealsReddit is a subreddit for all the good deals, coupons and discounts across the internet.
  • The vision of this subreddit is to be a place for deals that interest all redditors alike.
  • If possible include if the deal is country specific. e.g. [UK] [US] [CA] etc.
  • Include when the deal expires as well.

  • Useful Links
  • To find the price comparison for a product across many popular online stores try the Google Product Search

  • We have a firm no spam policy, if you are spamming your product you will be banned from this sub at the moderators discretion. If you are not a redditor and you are here to just promote your product you will be banned

We have a zero tolerance policy for affiliate links, you will be banned without warning

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Shut Up And Take My Money

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  1. One dedicated item per post.
  2. Only post the product purchase link.
  3. No imgur / youtube etc etc posts.
  4. No crowdfunding / pre-order posts.
  5. Don't be a dick
  6. No concept / coming soon posts.
  7. Do not link to the entire website.
  8. No Referral / Affiliate posts.
  9. You may not tag posts with x-post from "affiliate" subreddits
  10. CREATOR flair on your own products. (click "flair" after you post)
  11. 1 Of A Kind flair for items that are not mass produced.
  12. Creator / 1 of a kind posts are only allowed once every 2 months.
  13. Titles must describe the product only. No coupon codes, stories, etc..
  14. No posts containing items on our restricted content list
  15. No Apps! Take them to /r/apphookup instead!
  16. No Dropship crap items.


  • If you break the rules your post will be removed and you will be banned.
  • Post clean links, ie the shortest URL straight to the product page
  • How to identify Referral / Affiliate posts.
  • Please be careful purchasing items from lesser known sites, always take precautions when purchasing from an unknown site. You may want to try to find the product on the most reputable site available.
  • If you post doesn't show up in the new tab, send the mods a message.

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