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Today's discussion thread: Story Analysis #44

Who We Are

Shut Up & Write is a community for amateur writers who are already writing on at least a semi-regular basis. Some people come here to share their work and improve, others show up purely to hang out. Read more about us and the philosophy behind our community.


  • Follow the rules of Reddit.
  • Be nice to the new folk.
  • When in doubt, write it out.
  • Don't try and get the community to do your work for you.
  • Don't expect pats on the back just because you are writing.

Getting Started

Jump into a discussion thread and introduce yourself! Or join our chat and talk with us in real-time.


Unlike most Reddit communities, ours has a reputation system. By performing certain actions that are beneficial to the community, you can earn reputation points, which can either be used to ask for feedback or to reward content that you find interesting or helpful.

Reputation Cheat Sheet

  • Feedback requests cost 20 rep points, but the first one is free!
  • Give helpful feedback to earn rep.
  • Reply to good feedback with a (+) symbol in your comment.
  • To "tip" another poster some of your own rep, reply to a post or comment of theirs with +/u/JotBot 5rep where 5 is the number of rep points you'd like to tip.

Writing Critique/Feedback

Before requesting or leaving feedback, you must read the feedback system rules and guidelines. Failure to comply with them will result in your request being removed!

Feedback Reminders

Not a substitute for reading the rules!

Requesting feedback

  • 3,500 word maximum.
  • The more specific your request is, the better.
  • Reward good feedback by replying with a comment with the (+) symbol.
  • Do not reward low-effort feedback!

Giving feedback

  • The best feedback is an accurate description of your reading experience.
  • Do not leave generic "liked it/didn't like it" comments!

Submitting Content


All questions are welcome so long as they do not violate the rules. Please avoid the three major topics of motivation, ideas, and brainstorming and make sure your question is about writing, not about you.


Essays, analysis, resources, and other thoughtful content is always welcome here. Check out our top posts to see what kind of content the community likes to read about.


"It's too painful to read the stuff posted there" - /u/Killhouse

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