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Just starting out?

Check out the singing basics wiki. You can damage your voice or create bad habits by trying to teach yourself, so if you're serious about singing always try to find a good voice teacher.

In the FAQ you'll find tips on technique and on finding a voice teacher, practicing, and dealing with issues.

Competition Winners Circle

Roughly every month, /r/singing holds a friendly competition open to all redditors! Recent winners get a shout out in the sidebar! Check out a list of competition winners here.

Posting Rules

For Critiques:

  • All critiques should be posted as comments in the stickied thread. Read up on how to give a critique and what to do with a critique.

  • Information such as your age and experience level are mighty helpful. The more information you give and questions you ask, the better responses you'll receive.

  • DO NOT post recordings of other singers that are not yourself, or have actively put themselves in the public eye. These posts will be removed.

For posting a blog:

  • Post (a substantial summery of, or) the full content of the blog post, otherwise your post will be removed.

  • Add a link to one specific post, not to the blog as a whole.

For seeking a vocalist:

  • What kind of experience/equipment level are you looking for? Are you looking just for a singer or do you expect them to come up with a melody or lyrics too?

  • Is this a paid job or a fun hobby project? What's in it for the singer?

  • Are you looking for a singer for 1 song or a continued collaboration?

For all other submissions:

  • Posts that do not have a clear goal will be removed.

  • Posts that are only looking for views will be removed.

  • Never forget. April 28th, 2015


  • Get a voice type/genre tag next to your name.

  • Get a gold star for writing an article or making some other exceptional contributions to the subreddit. Find out why people have a gold star here.

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