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Guidelines for the Subreddit

  • 1 Follow reddiquette. This includes everything from remembering the human, to searching for duplicate posts.

  • 2 Content must be Sips related. Sips lookalikes and unrelated signs are not allowed. This includes a sign which says 'sips' above a drink stand etc. We've seen it before.

  • 3 One line posts are considered spam and will be removed. This isn't the YouTube comments section.

  • 4 /u/sips_youtube_bot posts a thread every time a new video is uploaded by Sips. Please use these threads for any comments, questions and suggestions you have about that particular series.

  • 5 No direct messages to Sips. This isn't Sips' inbox, make your post include the whole community.

  • 6 Game suggestions go into the monthly Game Suggestion Thread only. New threads will be removed, the megathread is there for a reason.

  • 7 The answer to your question may be on the Sips Wiki Page. We know this needs updating, let us know if you'd like to help!

  • 8 Please report any post or comment which breaks the rules. If it's particulary bad message the moderators. Automod may remove your post automatically and we manually review all removed threads.

Where to find sips

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