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Where White Privilege Runs Amok

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The one place on reddit where you're ~~triggered yet?~~ allowed to shit on Cultural Marxism and any SJW that thinks it's their ~~how bout now?~~ civil right to contest it(it's not) gets the hammer. If you find yourself offended at any point during your stay, kindly fuck off because odds are, we don't care. Now fo da rewlz.


1. Mods are Gods: We remove garbage content, abusive users and Leftists. Feel free to appeal after watching the SJWhate movie. There will be a quiz.

2. Posts must contain: SocJus/CultMarx being practiced or applied in real world conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, news articles and stories, law proposals and implementations, campus and school policies or actions or videos that showcase SocJus/CultMarx and its idiots in some fashion. Dank memes are always welcome.

3. Posts presenting facts without evidence will be removed: Posts must contain some element of SocJus/CultMarx, without it appearing to be falsified, for it to remain up. Anecdotal incidents as text posts are welcome.

4. If linking to other parts of reddit: Use a web archive like, snew or NP links. DO NOT BRIGADE. This is not a sub for flamewars. /r/SJWhate is a sub of peace; we only wish to be left alone.

5. No posts from Tumblr or other bad sources: We will not support the Leftist media and its Social Justice and Cultural Marxist agenda. Use or instead of lügenpresse links.

6. No Vlogs: We are here to talk shit, not watch you rationalize your thoughts, or argue with another vlog for 20 minutes.

7. Anyone is welcome to discuss the content in this sub: Unless you're an SJW. This is our safe space. Fuck off back to yours.

8. No DR3 or "Antifa are the real fascists." You never win by accusing your enemy of what he is accusing you of, because then you're agreeing with him.

At all times adhere to Reddit's rules and policies.

Ye of little resilience, Abandon all threads

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