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Above photo credits:

Skateboarder: /u/fostif's friend

Photographer: /u/fostif

Location: Tacoma, WA

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The objective of this community is to share actual media of actual people actually skateboarding.

This is our primary content philosophy.

Content deemed non compliant will be removed.

If you're looking for spots or people to skate with in your area browse through this list.

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Submission Rules:

1. Must Pertain to Skateboarding.
  • The objective of this community is to share actual skateboarding content.

  • Examples of content that does not belong here: snowboarding, snow skating, trampoline skating, ripstick, razor scooter, longboarding, ice skateboarding

  • This means that if the content you are posting does not have a skateboard in it frequently (interviews about skateboarding without skate footage) then do not post it here.

  • It there is no video or pictures of skateboarding in your post then do not submit it.

2. No Self Posts Asking for Help.
  • This includes questions like "am I too fat," or "am I too old", "what is this weird pain?", or "what deck/trucks/wheels/bearings/grip should I buy?" These questions have been asked countless times, so use the search.

  • Please submit any and all questions to the discussion thread discussion thread

3. No Vlogs, Blogs, or Interviews.
  • You must link directly to the source, and it must contain skateboarding. No chatting, no talking heads, no pranks, no silly park antics.

  • This is problem because of trash content creators trying to drive traffic to their site or channel for revenue. This is why we can't have nice things.

4. No Shitposts / Low Effort Content / Memes.

This includes:

  • Pictures of your skateboard
  • Pictures with pros
  • Empty parks (they are all empty at sunrise, no one cares)

  • Memes (/r/skateboardingcirclejerk)

  • Video games (not even your kickstarter)

  • Music playlists

  • Christmas/birthday presents

Use the discussion thread, discord chat or /r/kookboarder if you must share prohibited content listed above.

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