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- Subreddit Rules -

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1) Utilize the Daily Discussion threads for any minor topics.
  • Post submissions are to be reserved for important information and discussion only.

  • New posts should loosely revolve around news or information regarding Skrillex or any side-projects (i.e. Dog Blood, Jack Ü) that he is involved; any other minor topic belongs in the daily thread.

  • All fan made items (remixes / track edits / mashups / remakes) are not allowed as their own submission and also belong in the daily thread.

2) This subreddit is a piracy-free zone. Do not link to downloads of commercially available content
  • This applies to anything that are:

    • Officially released and up for purchase via iTunes / BeatPort etc.
    • Confirmed to be officially released in the near future.
    • Streamed in HQ from Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio, etc.
  • This rule does not apply to streams - YouTube/SoundCloud links without downloads enabled are fine (even if released).

3) There is to be no discussion of trading rare 'dubplate' tracks on this subreddit
  • You are free to private message others regarding these tracks, but posting publicly about the trading of tracks may result in a temporary ban. This topic always causes arguments in a public space; save them for your DM's.

  • Teasing unreleased tracks in any form is also not permitted and WILL result in a temp ban. If you aren't going to post the full thing then don't post anything at all.

4) Be respectful towards your fellow users & conduct yourself in a mature manner
  • This subreddit does not tolerate negative or abusive behaviour. The mods reserve the right to remove any comments they deem hateful or trolling at their discretion.

  • Please remember that there is a person behind each and every username you interact with; you should treat them with respect. Please remember the human

5) Follow Reddiquette at all times
  • Please ensure you are up to scratch with your redditquette. Although all reddiquite should be considered, please particularly focus on these items:
    • Keep post titles relevant & descriptive of the content. Avoid undescriptive and clickbait style titles.
    • Always try to link to the direct source of information
    • Do not downvote an otherwise acceptable post because you don't personally like or agree with it.
    • Do not type like an idiot or write in all caps.
>>> A note on post removal
  • In some instances the moderators will remove posts with a substantial amount of downvotes since this indicates that the majority of the community is in disapproval of the content. Heavily downvoted threads may be subject to removal without notice.

^(Please be aware that violating any of these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the subreddit.)

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