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Slacker Recipes - Delicious food on the cheap.

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Everyone has a frugal, secret, family recipe that the world deserves to know. Your favorite dish may just be a hit!

We encourage submissions of original dishes, or your unique twist on a classic "dish" that gives it an exemplary quality worthy of mention. Everything from Mac-and-Cheese to Fillet Minot can be represented as well as you can creatively conceive it.

Please include a complete ingredient list (with portions!), as well as a description that adequately lists the temperatures and any other preparation instructions that will be necessary.

Remember, these are Slacker recipes. Microwaves, easily accessible seasonings (Garlic, pepper, salt, cinnamon, etc.) are crucial, as the average slacker will have access to these ingredients.

We encourage critique over criticism. Every chef should be as open to learning as they expect their apprentices to be.

Bon Appetit!

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