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Cut price work by redditors, for redditors

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Slave Labour

Do not deal with people who do not comment on your offer post. Check the person you're trading with on USL. These are the only ways to make sure you're not trading with someone who is banned from the subreddit.

This is a place to find casual online work and get jobs done well below market rate. Any tasks (within reason!) for any amount. PayPal and Amazon gift cards are the most widely-accepted payment methods, cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc) can also be used.

The SlaveLabour Network

  • /r/slavelabour - get your general tasks done here at low rates or get paid for tasks
  • /r/phoneverification - get your accounts phone verified here
  • /r/signupsforpay - pay people to signup or get paid to signup
  • /r/SLRep - create a rep profile to keep track of your transactions


  1. Asking people to do your homework for you is not allowed and a ban. (Academic dishonesty) Asking for people to tutor you, or assist you with solving your questions is okay, as long as you are the one doing the work. Offering to do homework for people is a ban too.
  2. Your account must be more than one month old to post, as well as have had recent activity on reddit. There is a karma requirement and you may not ask the mods what it is.
  3. It's not a task or offer unless you're actually paying (no trial sign-ups for credit or anything of that sort, and no contest work) or getting paid money.
  4. No sabotaging tasks or offers by providing solutions in thread or not expecting payment. As well, no undercutting people's offers or tasks in the comments.
  5. You must send ANY completed work through PM. Do not post this on the thread.
  6. If you have received a few responses already, please close your post, at least temporarily. If those responses are not to your liking, you are free to open your task back up.
  7. Requests and offers involving phone verification and affiliate/referral signups of any kind are not allowed here and should be posted in their appropriate baby subreddit.
  8. [OFFER] posts that say "Anything" or similar are not allowed. Only advertise things you have an expertise in.
  9. Please flair your post as closed once you either no longer need help or have no more help to give.
  10. You must describe your task/offer in the original post. No post-to-PM-for-info.
  11. Currency exchange is not allowed.
  12. Commenting PMed (or some variant) is mandatory when sending a PM to an OP. Please report all users who will not do so. Banned users are unable to comment. DO NOT engage in transactions with banned users or users who do not comment on your thread with the same ID. They may be trying to scam you.
  13. No loaning.
  14. Giftcard buying and selling is not allowed. Please visit /r/giftcardexchange
  16. Selling/buying/sharing/upgrading/linking/etc. accounts or similar, or items, etc., is not allowed.
  17. You are only allowed to post every 3 days, and once your post is off the front page. Your deleted or closed post before either is included.
  18. Product and store reviews for Amazon, Ebay, Google, Facebook, apps, etc are not allowed.

How to Tag Your Post

Use [TASK] for posting work

Use [OFFER] for advertising your service

Use [CLOSED] when your task is finished. How to get it

How to Get Flair

Get verified transactions on your /r/SLRep profile and then comment with a link to it on the flair thread. Legitimacy will be checked for. If the transaction did not go well, we will flair them as untrustworthy. General rule of thumb is to only deal with accounts with frequent activity and over a month of age.


Have you been scammed? Send us a modmail with a screenshot of your entire conversation/emails so that we can ban them and get them added to the shared ban list.

Filter Posts

Click here to show only offers.

Click here to show only tasks.

Click here to hide closed tasks & offers.

Click here to go back to normal.

Click here to get scripts that will email you when new tasks or offers are posted. Created by /u/Caleb7720

Why am I banned?

Were you banned by /u/Guzbot3000? Visit this page and search for your username to see why you have been banned. Contact the mods of the subreddit you were banned from in order to get unbanned from here.

More Earning Opportunities

  • /r/Swagbucks: Subreddit for Swagbucks
  • /r/BeerMoney: Online money-making
  • /r/Giftcardexchange: Buy/Sell Giftcards
  • /r/HireaWriter: Writing tasks


The moderators of the /r/SlaveLabour Network are not responsible for its users' actions on this subreddit, through PMs, or IRL in regards to completing a task or offering work to another user.

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