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/r/sleep is SELF POST ONLY

This subreddit is for sleep related discussion. Discussions may be based on questions related to sleep, OR on self-posted sleep related research (e.g., sleep disorders, empirically supported treatments, etc.).


  1. Reddiquette. Read and understand reddiquette. Then read it again.

  2. No Spamming. Anything resembling spam will be removed.

  3. Keep to the Topic. Comments must be on topic and not a meme or joke. Comments must strive to add to the understanding of a topic or be an attempt to learn more.

  4. See Rule #1. Abusive, offensive or spam comments will be subject to removal and repeated or malicious offenders may be banned.

If you see spam, report it. Downvoting doesn't always work, because blogspammers use bots. A mod will review the report and take appropriate action.

Posting Informatoin

Post not visable? Check the new queue. If you believe one of your posts has been caught by the spam filter or unfairly removed, please do not hesitate to message the mods.

If your post is similar to:

1) is X amount of hours sleep normal/abnormal for someone like me?

2) I can't sleep/I sleep too much, what should I do?

PLEASE first look through the Wiki tab at the top of the subreddit. If after reviewing the information and resources available there, you continue to have questions about your sleep - please include in your post what aspects of your situation the Wiki did not address, or, what resources on the Wiki you are having trouble understanding.

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