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Slim girls, nude and non-nude

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We have an enforced image host list:

Any links from other sources will automatically be removed.

To keep this subreddit on topic there are a few rules to keep in mind when posting:

  1. Follow the rules of reddit
  2. This is a subreddit specifically dedicated to girls with Slim, Athletic and Slim Fit body types. Posts that does not fit into this category do not belong here.
  3. Posts must be direct links to an image. If you wish to post a gallery, post an image from the gallery and link the gallery in the comments.
  4. Gif/GfyCat is acceptable as long as they are not being spammed.
  5. Posts should be as high quality as possible (only in exceptionally rare cases will anything <1k px longest dimension be tolerated), if you want to post an image but it is low resolution please do a reverse google image search to try and find a better version to post.
  6. Both SFW and NSFW images are welcome under a few conditions:

  7. 6.1) No visible or implied semen stains or sexual acts featuring males.

  8. 6.2) No GW cross-posts without the explicit permission from the people featured in the original material linked to in the comments.
  9. 6.3) No fake celebrity photoshops

If you find a post violating these rules, please report it with the rule it is in violation of as the reason!

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