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the subreddit for sling bikinis.

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A subreddit for sling bikinis and other, miscellaneous NSFW outfits that are similar to sling bikinis.

Here are some of the basic sling terms with illustrations (a work in progress and by no means official).

Sling bikini, sling, slingshot bikini, suspender bikini - A one-piece suit that extends from the crotch, over the shoulders and connects in the back.

Sling Maillot, Pretzel Maillot, Suspender Maillot and others - Like a sling, but connected at the hips. You can go here for more on the subject than you could possible want to know

Teardrop sling Your basic teardrop bikini, but connected like a sling.

Pretzel bikini, pretzelkini, pretzel sling

I-front - A single-strap sling bikini. Often combined with a bandeau top.

Cage bikinis


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