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Recreational Outrage (/r/snark)

/Snark is the place to snark about asinine behavior, posts, comments (ect.) that you've observed on Reddit.

Although this is a community where we poke fun at our fellow Redditors, please "play nice" and abide by Reddiquette.

Remember what "snarking" means; while snarking is a form of put-down, it is not the same as simple insults or flaming. When you post, at least make an attempt at being witty. If a snark is lame and unsuccessful, be prepared to be ridiculed for it here or in /SnarkSnark.

New members should read The Rules of /Snark.

The Internet is serious business.
Reddit is not a place for the clueless.

Are you sure you're in the right place?

20 subscribers - a community for 6 years - last post today [+]