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  1. Titles must be formatted as such: > [For 'Sale/Trade'] or [Looking for] 'Condition (New, worn, etc.)' - 'Sneaker Model' - Size '#'

  2. Photos are required and must have your username and date tagged in them.

  3. You must physically own what you are selling. Posts with pics of confirmation emails will be removed.

  4. No "testing waters" or "price checking" posts. You MUST put a price on each item you sell! If looking for trades, give some examples of what you're looking for.

  5. You may only post sneakers for sale. Do not attempt to sell bots, services, preorders, or anything else of the sort.

  6. To avoid being scammed, use Paypal payments (not gift) or meet up locally. Do not use Venmo.

  7. If a moderator feels that you are spamming eBay links, your links will be removed with the possibility of a ban.

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