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Welcome to the Solar Subreddit

> A subreddit for solar professionals and enthusiasts > > - - - > > See the current subreddit rules, suggestions, and helpful links post at the top of the post list before submitting posts in this subreddit. > > - - - > > The solar panel is perhaps the greatest invention of the modern age. Improvements to the design are happening in rapid succession. How efficient will they become? When will they become so affordable that they are accessible to everyone while remaining profitable to manufacture? How are the other energy industries having an effect on solar development and success in the market? Shine on you brilliant solar enthusiasts! > > Be sure to check out our wiki for more solar information and resources. > > Help request tip - because of variances in things like regulations, prices, and amounts of solar radiation, it is useful to provide general location info such as country and state when asking for help/info regarding your solar project.

Solar Links

> * Glossary of Energy Related Terms > > * Solar Energy Glossary > > * Listing of Solar Conferences and Events > > * Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency > > * NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory > > * NREL PVWatts System Estimator > > * NREL SAM - System Advisor Model application > > * US Dept. of Energy solar page > > * /r/SolarDIY

Solar Job Training Resources

> * The Solar Career Mapping Tool - This is an interactive Solar Career Map offered by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). It is designed for workforce professionals, educators, policymakers and job seekers. It explores an expanding universe of solar-energy occupations, describing diverse jobs across the industry, charting possible progression between them, and identifying the high-quality training necessary to do them well. Central to the new career mapping tool is a series of compelling videos with solar instructors and other professionals who describe jobs, skills, credentials and education across a variety of solar careers. See - > > * Clean Energy Training Directory - Training providers, workshops, undergraduate degree programs, graduate programs, and more. All searchable by country, state, and technology. See -

Reddit Solar Specialists

> In the interests of providing a way for redditors to get in touch with the solar specialist they need, we have started this form / spreadsheet. No personal contact info is allowed and communications should be made via Reddit PM.
> > If you work in the solar industry, enter your info in this form.
> If you need a solar specialist, look here.

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