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Soles & Holes

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Images of women from angles where their soles and their holes are visible.

Self posts welcome and encouraged! Any self posters who do not want their content posted here can message the mods to be blacklisted.

If you are crossposting original content from a self poster, you must include their username in the comments.

Video submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. They must be on-topic, and high quality or they will be removed.


  • 18+ ONLY
  • Female subjects only
  • Must be shot from angles where the soles of the feet and hole(s) are visible
  • No spam, self promotion, or advertising
  • When crossposting OC from subs for self posters, (gonewild, etc.) you must include a username mention of the subject in the comments
  • Mods may request verification at any time.
  • No circumventing the domain whitelist
  • Be appreciative. Don't be creepy or cringey
  • Don't be a dick

Not following any these very simple rules may result in a ban


  • /r/ButtsAndBareFeet
  • /r/Clits
  • /r/Facedownassup
  • /r/Feet
  • /r/FeetAssPussy
  • /r/Pelfie
  • /r/Rearpussy


/r/solesandholes uses a domain whitelist for all links in comments and link submissions. Domains not on the list will be removed. Repeatedly submitting non-whitelisted domains or attempting to circumvent the whitelist may result in a permanent ban.

If you would like a domain added to the list, submit it to the moderators for consideration.

The current whitelist can be found here.

Click here to see recent whitelist requests and/or check on the status of a request.

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