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>#SousVide - /ˌso͞o ˈvēd/ >French for "under vacuum"

>SousVide is a food-packaging technique whereby vacuum-packed food pouches are submerged within a bath of precise water temperature for a precise time. At the end of this time, results that are impossible to achieve through any other method become possible. Beautiful steaks, succulent vegetables, creamy starches are very possible & very easy with SousVide.

>##We do themed cooking events

>These events are generally posted monthly where we ask you the submitter to cook using specific proteins. Then share your recipes, temps, and photos of the cook!

Subreddit Rules:
  • ^< Stay on topic
  • Rule 1: We are a SousVide Subreddit. Therefore each post should reference SousVide.
  • ^< No Spamming
  • Rule 2: Do not re-post the same posts, whether that be within our own subreddit, or another. This includes Meme's,
  • ^< Use Approved Links Only
  • Rule 3: Information regarding what is considered an approved link can be found Here
  • ^< Respect Each-other
  • Rule 4: No Witch-Hunting, Bullying, Doxing, or commenting with the intent of being malicious towards another Redditor. This does not mean you cant express your opinion, just dont be a dick.
  • ^< Correctly Flair Posts
  • Rule 5: This only benefits the community and our search results.
  • ^< Include Recipes
  • Rule 6: WE WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU DID, AND HOW YOU DID IT!!!!!! Show us the recipes if you can, so we can replicate the beautiful results.
  • ^< Follow Mega-Thread Guidelines
  • Rule 7: From time to time we will host sousvide mega-threads. During these times, make sure you follow the outlined guidelines within the thread. Failure to follow any of these rules may result in disciplinary actions taken against the faulting user.
  • ^< No Begging
  • Rule 8: To help reduce subreddit clutter, and minimalise the risk of our community looking needy. We are asking that you dont beg for things via posts or comments. This however doesn't reflect on recipes. You will be allowed to "request/ Beg" for recipes. Thanks!*

> ##Want some good recipes? Check here:

> A curated list of recipes you've suggested and posted. Popular Community Recipes

We also have a page with popular cookbooks for all types of cooks. > Great CookBooks to check out

>#Subreddit Resources > Discord Server

> Related Subreddits >F.A.Q.

> Wiki

>#Guides >Buying Guide >Temps Guide

Useful Resources

Sous Vide - Tips & Tricks
Sous Vide Buying Guide (u/Crappyblogger)
[Serious Eats (Recipes/Guides)] (
ChefSteps (Recipes/Guides)
Anova Recipes

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