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>#SousVide - /ˌso͞o ˈvēd/ >French for "under vacuum"

>SousVide is a food-packaging technique whereby vacuum-packed food pouches are submerged within a bath of precise water temperature for a precise time. At the end of this time, results that are impossible to achieve through any other method become possible. Beautiful steaks, succulent vegetables, creamy starches are very possible & very easy with SousVide.

>##We do themed cooking events

>These events are generally posted monthly where we ask you the submitter to cook using specific proteins. Then share your recipes, temps, and photos of the cook!

Subreddit Rules:
  • ^< Stay on topic
  • Rule 1: We are a SousVide Subreddit. Therefore each post should reference SousVide.
  • ^< No Spamming
  • Rule 2: Do not re-post the same posts, whether that be within our own subreddit, or another. This includes Meme's,
  • ^< Use Approved Links Only
  • Rule 3: Information regarding what is considered an approved link can be found Here
  • ^< Respect Each-other
  • Rule 4: No Witch-Hunting, Bullying, Doxing, or commenting with the intent of being malicious towards another Redditor. This does not mean you cant express your opinion, just dont be a dick.
  • ^< Correctly Flair Posts
  • Rule 5: This only benefits the community and our search results.
  • ^< Include Recipes
  • Rule 6: WE WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU DID, AND HOW YOU DID IT!!!!!! Show us the recipes if you can, so we can replicate the beautiful results.
  • ^< Follow Mega-Thread Guidelines
  • Rule 7: From time to time we will host sousvide mega-threads. During these times, make sure you follow the outlined guidelines within the thread. Failure to follow any of these rules may result in disciplinary actions taken against the faulting user.

> ##Want some good recipes? Check here:

> A curated list of recipes you've suggested and posted. Popular Community Recipes

We also have a page with popular cookbooks for all types of cooks. > Great CookBooks to check out

>#Helpfull Links > Related Subreddits >F.A.Q.

> Wiki

>#Guides >Beginners Guide

>Buying Guide >Temps Guide

Useful Resources

Sous Vide - Tips & Tricks
Buying Guide (/u/CrappyBlogger)
[Serious Eats (Recipes/Guides)] (
ChefSteps (Recipes/Guides)
Anova Recipes

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