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Week of March 19, 2017 'All Space Questions' Thread | Subreddit shoutout: /r/SpaceX


/r/space is dedicated to the insightful and thoughtful discussion of outer space


Date | Event :-:|:- 27 Mar, 4:58pm|Falcon 9 • SES 10 28 Mar|Time and Date TBD: Atlas 5 • OA-7 28 Mar|Time and Date TBD: Ariane 5 • SGDC & Koreasat 7 4 Apr|Time TBD: GSLV Mk.3 • GSAT 19

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Allowed submissions

  • Top-level source news and articles about outer space

  • Directly linked, quality images with a strong connection to Space/Astronomy/Cosmology (must use the original source of image)

  • Informative and thought provoking self-posts

  • Discussions about outer space

Disallowed submissions

  • Submissions with no direct connection to Space/Astronomy/Cosmology. This includes "circlejerky" submissions or space-related art, with the exception of art from space agencies or historically-significant art.

  • Amateur (non-space agency) astrophotography - /r/AstroPhotography, /r/Astronomy, and /r/Spaceporn are good alternatives for this.

  • You may post these on Fridays

  • Memes, image macros, comics, and other low-quality/low-effort images

  • Editorialized, sensationalized, personalized, vague, misleading, generic, or pandering titles

  • Re-hosted content, with the exception of GIF/WebMs with a link to the original source in the comments. NASA content may also be rehosted with a link to the original in the comments.

  • DAE/TIL/ELI5/PSA/[SERIOUS]/CMV/[FIXED] styled titles

  • Websites that utilize a paywall

  • Petitions/surveys/crowdfunders

  • Mobile links/link shorteners/facebook links

  • Any form of spam/blogspam

  • Enabling or linking to piracy

  • Reposts

  • Use KarmaDecay to check if your image has already been submitted.

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  • Use reddit's search function to check if your article/image has already been submitted

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Disallowed comments

  • Low-effort comments or ones that do not contribute to discussion

  • Comments consisting solely of an image

  • Memes, image macros, jokes, circlejerking, or spamming

  • Trolling, insults, or excessive hostility

  • Link shorteners or Facebook links

  • Unmarked NSFW links

  • Enabling or linking to piracy

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