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Space Engine

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Welcome to /r/SpaceEngine! This is the Reddit community for the free universe simulator, Space Engine.

Basic Controls:

  • Left Mouse Button: Click to select object, Click and hold to look around
  • Right Mouse Button: Click and hold to rotate around selected object
  • Mouse Wheel: Change velocity
  • F1: Options
  • F2: Solar System Browser
  • F3: Find-by-name menu
  • Ctrl+F4: Graphics options
  • G: Go to an object
  • Shift+G: Go to an object's surface

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Scavenger Hunt

Can you find these in the game? If so, make an album and assign it the Scavenger Hunt flair!

  1. A temperate terra with multicellular life.
  2. A super-massive black hole.
  3. A moon with a ring system.
  4. A planet and moon, both with life.
  5. A planet with more than 250 moons.
  6. A gas giant orbiting another gas giant.
  7. A brown dwarf star with no parent star.
  8. A neutron star.
  9. A black hole not attached to another star.

Melanoheliophobia: fear of black holes.

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