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Welcome to /r/SpaceEngine! This is the Reddit community for the free universe simulator, SpaceEngine.

Basic Controls:

  • Left Mouse Button: Click to select object, Click and hold to look around
  • Right Mouse Button: Click and hold to rotate around currently bound object
  • Mouse Wheel: Change velocity
  • WASD, R & F: Move around
  • Esc: Main Menu
  • F2: System Browser
  • F3: Find-by-name menu
  • Ctrl-F4: Graphics options
  • G: Go to an object
  • Shift-G: Go to an object's surface
  • Shift-H: Cycle selection between Milky Way, Sun, and Earth

Come join us on Discord!

Scavenger Hunt

Can you find these in the game? If so, make an album and assign it the Scavenger Hunt flair!

  1. A temperate terra with multicellular life.
  2. A super-massive black hole.
  3. A moon with a ring system.
  4. A planet and moon, both with life.
  5. A planet with more than 250 moons.
  6. A gas giant orbiting another gas giant.
  7. A brown dwarf star with no parent star.
  8. A neutron star.
  9. A black hole not attached to another star.

Melanoheliophobia: fear of black holes.

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