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> #What is /r/speedrun?

> /r/speedrun is a subreddit for the speedrunning community.

> Speedrunning is a play-through of a video game performed with the intent of completing a goal as fast as possible.

> Speedrunning Discord Channel

> Public Mod Logs


> #Submitting Rules

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> #Upcoming Marathons

>GTA Marathon 2018, April 4-8

>Themeathon, April 7-8

>Calithon, April 12-15

>ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon 2018, April 13-15

>Need for Speedathon, April 21-22

>Retrothon, April 22-29

>MidSpring SpeedFling, April 28-29

>Voltathon: Amped, May 4-6

>A Race Against Time, June 1-3

> An archive of marathon VOD threads can be found here.

> If you know of an upcoming marathon, please message the moderators!

> u/authorblues maintains a Google calendar of speedrunning events here that goes out further than this sidebar.

> #Resources for Newcomers

> The community FAQ

> Check out these tips from /u/AnAngryPanda and ZE3Z

> Need an explanation on anything speedrun? /u/GomezTheDragon has got you covered

> Looking for a specific community discord? Check this list.

> #Speedrunning Sites & News

> SpeedRunsLive

> speeddemosarchive

> All Speedruns Tracker for finding speedrun streams

>, hosts some leaderboards and forums

> /r/TAS for all Tool Assisted Runs

> /r/SequenceBreak for glitching help and tutorials.

> #Speedrunning Tools

> xsplit Live streaming software.

> OBS Free live streaming software.

> LiveSplit One of the best timers around.

> Wsplit useful timer

> Llanfair useful timer (Mac compatible!)

> Msplit timer for Android

> mIRC IRC client to be used with speedrunslive

> Colloquy Mac IRC client to be used with speedrunslive

Community Speedrunning Websites Message the Moderators!

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