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Welcome to the subreddit for Splatoon, Nintendo's freshest multiplayer game! This subreddit is dedicated to anything and everything revolved around Splatoon!

Subreddit Rules

  1. Follow Reddiquette.
  2. No NSFW content. Keep it PEGI 12 or lower. (PEGI 12: Suitable for ages 12 and older. May contain violence in either a fantasy context or a sporting action, profanity, mild sexual references or innuendo, or gambling.)
  3. Keep it clean; no expletives in titles; expletives allowed in comments at a reasonable rate.
  4. No meme posts allowed, unless they are of original art. (Example: say somebody drew a Inkling with a Scumbag Steve hat and made a post with it.)
  5. Off-topic posts are NOT ALLOWED. Anything not involving Splatoon in some way, shape, or form gets removed, at the discretion of the mods.
  6. If your post contains a spoiler, please mark it as such.
  7. Posts involving any politics will be removed.
  8. Duplicate posts, low-effort posts, or inflammatory posts will be removed.
  9. Posts detailing any hacking that aims to gain an advantage, will be removed. Mods that are only client-side, and are only aesthetic will not be removed.

Useful Links:

- Current and upcoming maps and modes!

- Check the server status here if you're getting errors.

- See if your friends are online and compare rankings here!

- Check out SplatApp! Useful Splatoon App created by one of our users that lets you check map rotations, your gear, friend list, and equipment!

Upcoming Events

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Name | Date --------- | --------- Splatoon 2 Release Date | 2017-07-21 Kartfest! | 2017-06-03

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