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Star Trek - News and Discussion

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>Wondering where you should start?

>#####Archive of Discovery discussions

>Newcomers please note: You do NOT have to watch other Star Trek before watching Discovery!

>######Subreddit Rules & Guidelines:

>^Click ^here ^for ^more ^detailed ^explanations

> Discussion reposts are OK. As our community grows people join who might have missed out the first time around.

>Encourage discussion! Don't downvote just because you disagree on best captain/episode/phaser type!

>Don't be dismissive. Saying "It's just a show" is boring. Why are you here if not to obsess over minutiae?

>No spamming/karmawhoring Direct image links and other kinds of posts will be removed automatically click for how to post image links.

>Respect the newbies aren't enforced (except for DSC), but they are encouraged. Click for a how-to.

>Remember Wheaton's Law: Before posting, ask yourself "What would Picard do?" and we don't mean "Shut up, Wesley!"

>Official /r/StarTrek Discord Channel

>Other subreddits for the discerning Trekkie

>* Daystrom Institute

>* Star Trek Online

>* Trek Books

>* Risa 😎

>* Wallpapers

>* Star Trek Gifs

>* Sonic Shower Thoughts

>* William Shatner's subreddit

>^^Go ^^to ^^Warp

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