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Startups - Finding problems and solving them!

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Join the /r/startups Discord!


FAQs, lessons, and resources


Welcome to r/startups, a community for all backgrounds, levels of expertise, and business experience.

What is a startup?

Startups are designed to scale/grow rapidly. Startups are disruptive, either via technology or business model. Startups are information era companies and they are creating the new best practices in business.


We share interesting discussions and stories about our startup journeys, both the failures, the successes, and the embarrassments. Our best traits are authenticity and integrity.

Ask Someone Anything!

We want to know who you want to ask anything!

We are working on a consistent AMA schedule. Tell us who you want to interview in that thread.


Message the mods for instructions on how to get flair verifying your experience.


  1. The only thing you may market and promote in /r/startups is your wisdom to ask questions and give answers. You may share your startup in the monthly Share Your Startup thread. Do not solicit PMs outside of the stickied threads. Contribute to the public discussion, please. No unscheduled AMAs.

  2. Submissions are for discussing methodologies, experiences, tactics, strategies, techniques, markets, and other such things without tying them directly to your own project using its name or URL.

  3. If you are submitting your own blog content, the full body of the content must be included in the post, properly formatted for reddit. Videos must include an outline with time stamps of the content and an in depth summary. If it is not your own blog, you still need to provide a summary of what it is and why you are sharing it. If you include a link, your post will have to be approved by the mods. You can only link to the original blog post.

  4. Titles must be clear and descriptive. Submissions must have at least 500 characters of content.

  5. All feedback (including requests regarding ideas or surveys/polls), ideation/brainstorming ideas, support requests (hiring, etc), and offers of support (links to resources/tools/communities, promotion of services/tools) belong in our Weekly Feedback and Support Thread or our new Discord chatroom

  6. Do not message a moderator directly for mod business. Either reply to their comment in a submission or use the Message the Moderators feature in this side bar.

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