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Star Wars Rebels

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Welcome to /r/StarWarsRebels, a subreddit dedicated to the animated series set between Episodes III and IV! This subreddit is dedicated to the appreciation and discussion of the fine work being done over at LucasAnimation on Star Wars: Rebels.

WHEN? Mondays at 9:00pm

WHERE? You can buy Rebels on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Season 1 and 2 DVD/Blu Ray. If you are in the US you can watch the current season on provided your TV provider subscribes to the site. Alternatively you can tune in every Saturday at 8:30 PM on Disney XD to watch the newest episode.

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Type this into your comment, with the actual spoiler as the parenthetical in quotes (after the /s or #s, both work).

[Kanan Jarrus is actually](#s "a Jedi")

Result: Kanan Jarrus is actually


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