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Star Wars Speculation: A Place to Speculate on all aspects of the Star Wars Universe

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► No Fanfic, Shipping, or other unrelated posting.

► Follow basic reddiquette.

► No trolling, hate, or flame bait.

► Be courteous and respectful to your fellow speculators.

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► Don't insult, degrade, or harass people or theories you disagree with.

Try to back up theories with evidence! Don't just state groundless ideas.

► Unverified "I've seen the movie" or "I know a guy who worked on it" type posts will be removed until proper verification

► If you haven't seen the movie, please don't say you've seen the movie.

► Look to see if an identical theory has already been posted!

► Obvious prequel rants and karma whoring are ill-advised.

► And may the force be with you... always.


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