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Steam Holiday Sale Detectives

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Check out a possible new ARG!

There's a bit of mystery around the Steam 2015 Holiday Sale. Post your clues and crack the case together!

Please read the stickied daily update post before posting a new clue or observation.


  1. Be nice. Seriously.

  2. Read around before posting an idea, it doesn't help to fragment one clue discussion over several posts.

  3. Spam and troll posts will be removed and the poster banned at a mod's discretion.

  4. Report anything that is completely off topic, spam or a troll post (some kind of evidence on the last one please).

  5. Do not report theories you disagree with or genuine leads that have turned out to be false.

  6. No clickbait titles. If you found anything in comic page 3, try to describe it, you have 300 characters in the title after all. Instead of just writing "Look what I found in comic 3".

  7. All ban-appeals should be done through modmail, not by making posts or messaging individual mods.

  8. Keep on the topic of the post you are responding to. If your comment isn't directly related to that post, find a more fitting place to post it or create your own (but don't forget rule 2). Off-topic comments will be removed at the mods' discretion.

  9. Please refrain from simply posting the meaning of the phrase 'red herring'. It is a very well known English language idiom.

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