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Art By Cut-Out

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Your rather specific subreddit on stenciling and all things related!

Post your cut-out templates, your results and just anything on stencil art. A subbreddit specifically for anything stencil. We love using the word stencil around here. It just rolls off the tongue so nicely. Stencil, stencil, stencil. Stencil.

Just starting out? Looking for tips?:

Stenciling Tutorials/FAQ

Rules Of Engagement

When submitting posts of the following types, please do add the appropriate abbreviation! For improved browsing pleasure.

[T] = Templates

[R] = Results

[Q] = Questions/Requests

When submitting a template, please name your post properly and not ´omfg, this shit is da bomb!´. Please stick to a proper description of the depicted subject.

Be Kind! We are all at different skill levels, keep it civil or move along!

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Shout out to

E_lucas for making the logo, using an (currently) unclaimed Snoo stencil.

So, what's up at /r/stencils lately?

/r/stencils Self-Promotion Mega Thread

If you just like to browse pictures and have nothing to say, feel free to use this

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