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For people raising other people's people.

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> ###Community Details###

> This subreddit is a community-oriented place for stepparents from all walks of life. Commiserate with others in similar situations, celebrate your wins, and hang out with people who just get it. It doesn't matter whether you've got a fun story or are at the end of your rope; we are family.

> ###Community Updates###

> Non-stepparents are welcome to post if doing so in the spirit of openness and understanding. We are a stepparent support sub and as such see things from the lens of our experience. Diminishing our experience with negativity will not be tolerated.

> Be sure to read the rules and Wiki as changes are made periodically to reflect the growth of the community.

> If you have received hurtful and unwanted messages regarding your posts in /r/stepparents, please message the moderators.

> ###Wiki Pages###

> About /r/stepparents

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> Full List of Rules

> Mod Team

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> Theme

> ###Community Rules###

> 1. Kindness Matters > * Please post with empathy, thoughtfulness, and constructive commentary rather than judgment. > * Name-calling, slurs, and insults towards other community members will not be tolerated. However, we are not here to police how people refer to others in their own lives, particularly because one of our main purposes is for people to seek advice and let out frustrations. > * Comments like "You knew what you were getting into" and "Love them, love their kids!" will be removed. > * Do not attack others for their personally held values, custody situation, marital status, physical distance from stepkids, or economic status; or on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, or ethnicity. > * No suggestions of physical violence toward anyone ever.

> 2. No Drama > * Bickering, nitpicking, and thread derailment will not be tolerated and will be subject to removal at moderator discretion. > * Do not repeatedly badger a poster demanding answers, or refuse to acknowledge an answer that's already been given. > * Do not use sensitive issues from past posts (either from this sub or other subs) to attack another user, as we are all discussing vulnerable topics. > * Tagging users in an attempt to bully or harass will not be tolerated. Harassing or discrediting a poster based on their activity in this sub or on other subreddits is not allowed. > * No back seat modding. If you see someone breaking a rule, or posting in the wrong thread, report it and move on. > * No discussions about other subs with the intent of harassment or brigading. > * Do not post content from /r/stepparents on other subs. Crossposting anything from /r/stepparents to any other subreddit might result in a ban and may result in the original thread being locked. > * While we encourage a variety of voices and opinions, participation in other subs that actively crosspost from /r/stepparents with the intention of ridiculing, degrading, or harassing our members may result in a ban. > * If there is a valid reason to link to the sub (e.g.: you've found a stepparent in the wild who needs help) just point them to /r/stepparents, not a specific post.

> 3. Read the FAQ First > * If you're new to r/stepparents, check this FAQ before posting. You may find a great answer to your question and further insights on suggested posts. Posts from new users will be reviewed by the moderator team, and if it's obvious that you haven't read the FAQ, your post will be subject to removal at moderator discretion.

> 4. Follow [Reddiquette] (/wiki/reddiquette) > * Downvoting is reserved for comments that don’t contribute, and shouldn't be used to indicate disagreement. > * If you believe someone is in violation of the subreddit rules, please either use the report function or message the moderators to direct their attention to the issue. > * Suspected brigading will be reported to reddit admins.

> 5. No Porn, Spam, or Blogs > * This is a SFW subreddit. Posting pornography will result in immediate post removal and permanent ban. > * Advertising on the subreddit (outside of Reddit's own advertising) is not allowed. > * No personal blog posts are allowed without express moderator permission. > * For links to parenting research studies or surveys, please message the mods for permission before posting.

> 6. No Trolling > * This is a support sub. Our subscribers do not have the time, nor inclination, to provide support to internet trolls. Posts that are suspected to be trolling attempts will be immediately removed, and the poster banned. > * Any attempt to circumvent the ban by creating a new username will be reported to reddit admins and possibly result in account suspension.

> 7. Moderator Actions > * Users are expected to know the rules before posting. If you are warned or banned for violating the rules, ignorance is not an excuse. > * Moderators will remove posts and comments and/or lock threads in accordance with the rules above. Typically this happens when threads have gone off-topic in a way that is not productive for the OP, or comments overall have become contentious or disrespectful. Advice that is considered generally harmful or dangerous may be removed at the discretion of the mod team. > * If a poster continues to argue or to willfully violate these rules, temporary and permanent ban procedures will be followed. Any attempts to avoid or bypass temporary bans will result in a permanent ban. > * User bans will not be discussed in the sub. Questions posted about user bans are subject to removal and the poster subject to warning/ban procedures. The mod team will not discuss a specific user ban with anyone other than the user involved. > * Any issues specifically related to how a mod is moderating should be addressed to the full moderating team via mod mail. This A) ensures that all mods are aware of any concerns and B) prevents disintegration of the topic thread at hand. Comments in threads asking about mod decisions are subject to removal. > * The rules above as well as ban procedures are considered guidelines only; some deviation may be necessary on a case by case basis and/or at the mod team's discretion.

> 8. Ban Procedure > * Pornography will result in an automatic permanent ban. > * 1st offense will result in a warning and removal of the comment in question. > * 2nd offense will result in a 7-day ban. > * 3rd offense will result in a 30-day ban. > * Any future offense will result in a permanent ban. > * The ban procedures are considered guidelines only; some deviation may be necessary on a case by case basis and/or at the mod team's discretion. > * Willful attempts to avoid or bypass temporary bans will result in a permanent ban. > * We recognize the reddit site-wide rules of using alt names to get around bans and will ban those as well as report them to reddit admins.

> ###Search By Flair###

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> ###Related Subreddits###

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