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Spoiler rules expired May 11th. Regular spoiler tags no longer required. Please use Advanced Spoilers! flair for leak content.

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Spoiler Policy


  • Follow Reddit's rules!
  • Don't post simple joke images or memes.
  • Any fanwork submission (fanart, videos, audio, cosplay) should be linked to the original source.
  • Keep content related to Steven Universe.
  • No NSFW content is allowed.
  • Mark content from new episodes as a spoiler until the next Monday. Click "mark spoiler" underneath a post to tag it as a spoiler. No spoilers in titles!
  • Profanity isn't banned, but don't use profanity to attack others or say derogatory slurs, and do not make attacks on others.
  • Don't discuss or link to places that stream Steven Universe without supporting Cartoon Network, like torrents.
  • Don't spam the subreddit.
  • Don't bait or start flame wars.
  • Use common sense; if you think it might be too much, it is.

See our FAQ for the full rules.

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