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You pick it, We stick it!

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/r/sticker is for everyone from the lurking sticker lover, to the aspiring sticker entrepreneur.


1. Only original content (OC) is allowed, with the exception of content where the original creator is given credit where credit is due.

2. Be polite. Criticism is appreciated, and often asked for. However, if said criticism is not constructive towards the artist(s), users can (and likely will) be banned.

3. Spam will not be tolerated. Links that are not verified by the moderators, and non-verified members of the community that put up ads to sell their stickers are two common examples of spam. ^((save for spam that occurs everywhere on Reddit, that everyone recognizes)^)

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Are you an entrepreneur selling designs of your own making?

If so, message the moderators about the Verified flair!

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