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What is /r/streetwear?

We are a community of fashion enthusiasts who are inspired by clothing styles derived by skateboard, surf, hip hop, and retro 80s/90s sensibilities. Streetwear continues to evolve in modernity, but tends to be distinguishable as an urban style to the general public.

Subscribers here are welcome to show off their latest outfits, latest pickups and engage others in discussion about fashion expression.

Please direct all meta talk to /r/streetwearmeta. This will guarantee you a mod reply.


Please read the FULL SET OF RULES before posting.

  1. Questions answered in the FAQ, or able to be answered via a google search or subreddit search will be removed.
  2. Posts and comments must be discussion and/or topic oriented. This means no memes or other low effort content. All WDYWT posts must include a description of your entire fit and a full body picture.
  3. All posts must be properly flaired.
  4. Don't be an asshole.
  5. Advertising must be cleared with mods. This includes surveys. Full advertising rules can be found here.
  6. All Pick Up posts (including any article of clothing or shoes) must include a full-body fit picture.*
  7. All Image Posts must be hosted on imgur or the reddit hosting system. Comments in WDYWT can be direct links to photos hosted elsewhere.
  8. No Creepshots.
  9. All Simple or easily answered questions should be posted in the "General Discussion and Simple Questions" Thread.
  10. Discussion regarding Fake/Replica Clothing or Shoes is prohibited. These belong in /r/fashionreps or /r/repsneakers.
  11. Legit checks are not allowed. Try places like /r/supremeclothing, /r/bapeheads, /r/fashionreps, or any of the relevant FB groups.
  12. Don't go around the spam filter or repost anything previously deleted by a moderator. Any attempts will be met with a ban. If you have a problem with a post's removal, send us a message.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the removal of a post you may contact the moderators.

*If a valid reason where including a fit pic becomes a concern, please message the mods before making a post.

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The WDYWT and GD/SQ threads post every 28 hours

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= General discussion and questions

= Where to cop/ID threads

= What did you wear today and outfit threads

= Release info, brand news, and sales

= Show off your new gear

= Check out streetwear related art media

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