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stupidslutsclub: helping each other get more degraded

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This is an area for like minded sluts to socialize, play, and challenge each other. A place for people who want to feel degraded, hurt, and ruined, and who are craving a community of others who want to help them feel like the trash they know they are deep down inside.

We've grown so much in the past year. Over 50,000 subscribers. We've had to change some of our rules to protect both the sub and our users. Sorry for those who are upset by this, but as we grow, things change. We are still dedicated to being the sluttiest, verify-free, sub on Reddit.

Sub Rules:

1) No posting if you are underage. You probably shouldn't be here at all, but we know you're lurking. Posting about when you were underage is fine as long as your age isn't mentioned.

2) No posts on illegal activity such as bestiality or rape. Posts for the women into rape and rape fantasy can go to r/rapekink. If you aren't sure what's ok to post, ask the mods.

3) There is no verification needed to post, share, talk, and act slutty. We aren't GoneWild or any of those other repressive subs where everything has to be "proved." Read the sticky for more on that.

4) This sub is primarily a safe place for women to share their slutty experiences and join in the challenges. Guys are allowed here to enjoy the sluttiness, but if you don't follow the rules for men, you'll be banned. Probably without a warning. Not seeing these obviously posted rules right here is not an excuse.

Rules for Men:

Not following the following will get you banned, maybe temporarily, maybe forever, depending on how much you piss off the mods.

1) No shaming. This shouldn't need to be said in a sub dedicated to exploring sexuality to its fullest extent, but clearly it does because it happens so often. This may be the most important rule! Part 2 to this is DON'T call anything fake!

2) Read the giant green stickied mod guidelinest at the top of the sub before doing ANYTHING!

3) Don't ask for hookups, pics, vids, or PM without permission. We're here to share our stories, not for you to get with us. If we want to put up pics/vids, that's up to us.

4) Challenges are posted to encourage the girls to push their slut limits. They are not for guys to "get in on." Don't ask to be in a challenge where the SSC guys aren't specifically invited.

5) Don't make your own challenges.

6) DO post if you were involved in a challenge, have a slutty story of your own, or are posting about a girl who you slutdaddy for.

7) PLEASE comment! Girls who post WANT you to read and comment, not just upvote.

So we're clear, it's not AT ALL that we don't want you guys here. We really sincerely do! But please respect its mostly a girls' sub.

And NOW SSC has it's very own Discord app thing...whatever this does...idk but i bet YOU do! Go talk on it and be even sluttier! (They have rules too, guys, so be cool.)

We don't host a lot of other subs, but here's one we like:

/r/realahegao Slutty sexy faces of girls doing hentai sex face.

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