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Cronyism, corruption, conspiracies and censorship are killing reddit.

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>## What is Subreddit Cancer? > > Subreddit Cancer is any behavior counter to Reddit's originally expressed ideals: > > > today's headlines -- chosen by readers, not editors > > > We want to democratize the traditional model by giving editorial control to the people who use the site, not those who run it. > > >* We will tirelessly defend the right to freely share information on reddit in any way we can, even if it is offensive or discusses something that may be illegal. > > --- > > Subreddit Cancer is a disease that afflicts moderator teams, and Reddit as a company.




>>What is and isn't Subreddit Cancer™?

>>See a full description of this Subreddit's Philosophy here

>>(Make sure you read and understand this post before posting or complaining, because we will assume you are familiar with the basics of it.)


>>Say what you want. Use any language you want.

>>Do not think that having the freedom to speak your mind means that you can go off-topic, troll, and/or flame others with ad hominem attacks.

>>We will enforce our theme here.


>>Meta posts and complaints about moderation decisions, deletions, moderators, bans and other users in this subreddit can be submitted to /r/SRC_Meta.

>>If you excessively post such topics in here they may be deleted.




>Reddit has reached the depressing point where generic subreddit bans are so commonplace that they are barely newsworthy anymore. In the interests of post quality control, we maintain the right to remove posts that are simply about such bans and/or modmail mutings. Please don't post such threads unless it's something absolutely extraordinary. > > /r/Banned is more suitable for these posts

>##Username Pings

>Reddit has a feature called username mentions. A username mention occurs whenever you type their handle as such: \/u/user (with or without the leading forward slash.) If you are found to be abusing the username ping function, you will lose your privilege to submit posts and comments in this subreddit. If you find yourself the subject of username ping abuse, please report those comments via modmail so we can take care of it. Alternately you can go to your user preferences and uncheck the box for 'notify me when people say my username'.


>Source: Paul Graham's Hierarchy of disagreement

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