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Full Flavor Unfrosted Makeup Discussions

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  1. Full honesty.

  2. Deer get shot down like it's hunting season.

  3. We're not here to be assholes, but we will be honest. Nothing in this life is perfect. (3.b. DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE. There is a line between helpful CC and trash talking, and it's fairly thick. So don't cross it. You wouldn't like me when I'm modding.)

  4. Nothing that doesn't add to the discussion, meaning no: FOTDS, derp faces, pet photos, Artscow bags, or photoshopping/filters.

  5. Discussions are welcome! Please feel free to post questions and ask for swatches and talk about if the latest palette is worth the hype and what sort of looks are best on which facial features- that's all perfect for this sub!

  6. Memes are welcome!

  7. All hauls MUST have swatches. If you could do a look with them too, that would be best because it gives more information. But at the very least, swatches please! Boxes are boring to look at.

  8. All looks MUST have a product list in the comments or text of the post. NO EXCEPTIONS. Don't make me be the mod who deletes your highly popular post because there's no list.

  9. Links to blogs are SO FAR allowed. Please please don't spam or try to drum up a following for cash here. The only reason blogs are allowed is because they usually have in-depth information. If your blog doesn't have that, please move it to imgur and the comment section. If this gets to be a problem, mods reserve the right to ban all blogs so let's be respectful and keep it nice for everyone.

  10. Comments that only say "You're gorgeous!" or "Good job!" will be deleted. They are nothing but sugar, fun to have but it rots the discussion like tooth enamel. Comparisons to celebrities also count as pointless sugar. Post why you like a look, ex "Good job, especially on your blending! It looks very smooth even though you used bright colors." That gives infinitely more feedback.

  11. In case of emergency, break glass around "contact mods" button.

Subreddit friends: /r/muacirclejerk Because they don't take themselves seriously at all. And they friended us first. And this entire sub comes from a convo from over there. And they're funny, but don't tell them that, they have big egos.

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