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Suits - Two Lawyers. One Degree.

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Welcome to the all new /r/Suits! - S7 E10: Donna (the midseason finale) airs September 13th at 9:00 PM EDT.


>A subreddit all about USA Network's hit show Suits, which centers around lawyer Harvey Specter and his associate Mike Ross (who doesn't have a law degree, but does have a photographic memory), and the law firm where they work.

>If you're looking for a subreddit about the clothing item, try /r/suit.

Love the Music?

>Wondering what songs have been used in the show? Check out the songsinsuits Tumblr or the TuneFind page.

Older Discussions

> An incomplete list containing links to discussion threads for old episodes can be found here. You can also view a list of posts tagged with the "Discussion" flair here.

Supporting the Show

> Posting links to unofficial streaming or download sites is not allowed. Submissions and comments posting or asking for such links will be removed.

Spoiler Tags

> Spoiler tags are now implemented! Typing:

> [spoiler](#s "Mike didn't go to Harvard.")

> gives you: spoiler

> The above spoiler tag only works in comments and the body text of self-posts.

>Do not put a spoiler in the title of your post, but if you forget, you can hide the post title after submitting by selecting the first "Spoilers" link flair option.

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Special Thanks

> * /u/AppleBetas for the new CSS layout.

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