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Summoner School

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>#Introduction >Summoner School is a League of Legends subreddit dedicated to helping others learn and improve.

>* See our SummonerSchool Wiki!

>* Click here to register your self-updating rank flair!

Rules - Click here!
  1. Golden Rule
  2. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  3. Don’t dismiss others’ opinions or use abusive language.
  4. Absolutely no elo shaming is allowed.

  5. Promote Critical Thinking

  6. See Our Rules Page for full description.
  7. Do not post without reading!!!

  8. Serious Replies Only

  9. Top level comments must contain serious answers.
  10. Replies to top level comments must not derail serious discussions.

  11. No Rage Posts

  12. Please keep discussions intellectual, not emotional.
  13. Excessive negativity could result in a removal, even if you don't think you're ranting.

  14. Educational Content Only

  15. Posts must be related to learning League of Legends.
  16. Non-educational content will be removed.

  17. No Paid Services

  18. NO PAID COACHING. You may not offer or request paid coaching. Please screenshot and report any infractions.
  19. No giveaways, donation streams, etc.

  20. Respect 9:1 Self-Promotion Ratio

  21. Self Promotion needs to follow the 9:1 rule - read the full rules for more details.
  22. Make at least 9 comments for every 1 post you make
  23. Comments on your own posts don't count.

  24. Streams Must Be Pre-Approved

  25. All Stream posts must be screened and approved by the mods before posting.

  26. AMAs Must Be Scheduled

  27. You must fill out our AMA form to request an AMA.
  28. You must be Diamond 5 or above, or have a unique role.
  29. There are over 100+ applicants and they are not handled sequentially. We cannot give a timeframe for an AMA.

  30. Use Megathreads

  31. Use the weekly mentoring thread to find coaches/students.
  32. Requests for replay reviews belong in the replay review thread.
  33. Requests for choosing a champion to play belongs in the champion megathread.

Our rules apply not just to Reddit but also to In-Game Chat and Teamspeak! This also applies to bans. If you are banned from /r/SummonerSchool, you will also be banned from our Teamspeak.

Weekly Schedule

Date | Event :---|:--- Daily | Champion Discussion Daily | Item Discussion Monday | ~~Replay Review~~ Wednesday | Mentoring Thread Tuesday | Simple Questions

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>* Discord Server: Click here to connect

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